Azores Seismic Events

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São Jorge - Azores - ROSA Seismic Station - PM Network (IPMA)

DATA from IRIS. Processed with ObsPy

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BHZ channel - 20Hz - Highpass filter 1Hz

This seismic station is located in São Jorge island (Azores), around +-7km West of Velas.
It´s running at 20SPS, during week days, some human noise is present, mainly during the daytime.

Seismic events table, from IPMA.

Testing PPSD and Spectogram - do not use this data for analysis (1Hz highpass filter)

Spectogram (1Hz highpass filter)

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Use with SeisGram2K (JAVA), Obspy (PYTHON), etc. A small tutorial in how to find hybrid events using SeisGram2K is found here.

19/03/2022 (078) 20/03/2022 (079) 21/03/2022 (080)