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Here you can add/edit your private notes. The content has a maximum of 1000 characters.


Here you can add, edit or delete your events.

Upload Event.

Using USGS/EMSC Link Method

Its recommended to use the USGS or EMSC-CSEM unique earthquake links, because WPSMap will convert automatically all the data to be compatible with WPSMap formats.

Geoscience formats are not available yet.

Where can i find Earthquake links?

Recent Earthquakes
USGS USGS Recent Earthquakes
EMSC-CSEM EMSC-CSEM Recent Earthquakes

Search for Earthquakes

USGS is currently changing Earthquake links page, the old format will not work quite well has the new USGS earthquake page. To confirm if you are using old or new USGS earthquake pages, look in the top of USGS earthquake page for this message This webpage is being phased out and is no longer maintained.

This method of uploading eartquake data automatically is still in beta stage, its adviced to confirm all the data before upload.

To use this method:
1) Copy the USGS/EMSC link and paste in "USGS/EMSC Link".
2) Click on Preview, wait a few seconds until the data is loaded.
3) Review the data, fill other fields (Optional).
4) Choose SAC/PSN File.
5) Click on "Upload" button.

A new page will appear confirming the file was uploaded. If a error occurs, check the size or file name.

Upload by hand

Also its possible to upload a event filling all the fields.

Magnitude_________ It supports any format (ex: M 6, M7.2, mw6.3, ml2.3, etc)
Depth_____________ In Km´s, but only leave the depth value (ex: 330)
Date______________ Currently WPSMap doesnt support millisceconds. The Date/Time format needs to be YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, if after uploading a event Date/Time appears has 0000-00-00 00:00:00, its because Date/Time format didint match with WPSMap format.
Region____________ Region of the earthquake.
Distance__________ Distance between EQ-Station. Use WPSMap or Google Earth to find the distance in KM from the Eq epicenter to your Station (ex: 8022).
Coordinates_______ LAT and LNG are separated with ";" - The coordinates should be in decimal values (Ex: 30.4;-21.3), WPSMap will remove automatically any character or letter when uploading the event. A button was added "Test Coordinates", when clicking this button it will test if the coordinates are correct, if are correct it will return distance between Eq and Station and other information available from your station, if "NaN" appears, check the coordinates format. After upload if the Eq is badly located, edit the Coordinates field.
Station___________ Station Code - Optional.
Network___________ Seismic Network - If applied.
Sensor____________ Sensor Type - Optional. Ex: Geophone, Lehman, etc.
Comments__________ Place here comments about the event - Optional.
Link______________ Earthquake Link - Optional. Place here the Earthquake Link.
For public use?___ Click here to share this EQ. - This option allows to share this event in WPSMap, it will appear Seismic Data page.
File:_____________ (Only accepts SAC and PSN files. 2mb limit.) - Seismogram (SeismoGram2K online App to view/analyze the earthquake, without the need of software installed in the computer), is only availabe when using a SAC file. This is a SeismoGram2K limitation.

In order to get working all features WPSMap offer, its recommended to fill has many fields has possible.


Here you can see all yours uploaded events.

Informs if the event is shared in WPSMap site.

There are two checkboxes available, one for Deleting one/multiple Event and one to Edit one Event.

Delete Event

Just select one or more events in the table and click on the "Delete" button. This will remove permantly the event from WSPMap database and remove the SAC or PSN file.

Edit Event

Select one event in the table and click on the "Edit" button.
It will appear the event data in the Edit Box. Just change the data desired and click on "Save" to save the modifications.

Currently its not possible to Edit the SAC/PSN file. If you wish to edit the SAC/PSN file, you will have to delete the event and upload it again.



Here you can visualize the location of the events you uploaded.

The green marker is the location of your station. Clicking on the green marker will appear your "Helicorder" page.

The earthquake locations is marked in a red marker, "2" means a >=2.0 <= 2.9 magnitude earthquake. Clicking on a red marker, will open earthquake information.

Center Map Button
It will center the Map to its initial position.

Clear Map Button
Will remove any markers in the map, except your station.


Is the Earthquake link provided when uploading the event. If doesnt show "Link" its because this event doesnt have a earthquake link.

Open Seismogram
It will launch SeismoGram2K with the seismogram of the earthquake. If "Open Seismogram" is not available, its because the uploaded file is a PSN file. A standart Java security window will appear, this is normal, just click on RUN.

Clicking on "Open" it will open the earthquake information window in the Map.

- Select one or more events and click on the button "Add Markers", this will only show in the Map the earthquake markers that you choosed.


In Table
Shows the total events and the number of events by magnitude in the Table. This data is changed when using other options, like search.

In Map
Shows the total events and the number of events by magnitude in the Map. This data is changed when using other options, like search.
When refreshing the Personal Map page, if the numbers of the Table and Map doesnt match, its because some events uploaded doesnt have valid coordinates.

Load Events

This Month
It will load in the Map/Table/Chart all the events from the current Month.

Last Month
Same has above, but for the last Month.

This Year
Same has above, but for the current Year.

Last Year
Same has above, but for the last Year.

All Events
It will load all your events from WSPMap Database, its the same has refreshing the page.

Minimum Distance by Magnitude
It will show the minimum distance from magnitude. This is a very early stage version.


It shows a chart based on your searches.

Compare Chart

This chart is only loaded if "Compare Chart" checkbox is activated.


Column Chart
Its set by default. It will not load automatically, its required to do a new search (example) to load the new chart.

Pie Chart
It will display a pie chart insted of the Column Chart. It will not load automatically, its required to do a new search (example) to load the new chart.

By Nr Events
The chart/s data related by the number of events. It will not load automatically, its required to do a new search (example) to load the new chart.

By Month
The chart/s data related by Month. It will not load automatically, its required to do a new search (example) to load the new chart.

Compare Chart
With this option activated, it will show two charts, one from the actual search/function loaded and one for the previous search/function loaded.
Examples: To compare from This Year with Last Year, select "Compare Chart", click on Last Year button, it will load the chart with Last Year data, next click on This Year Button, the chart from Last Year is pushed to the Compare Chart field and the This Year chart will appear above the Compare chart.

Search Criteria Based on selected range, it will return your events matching the selected criteria.

Choose the magnitude range you wish to search from the Database.

Choose the distance range you wish to search from the Database.

Choose the depth range you wish to search from the Database.


Tip: If you wish to find only "magnitude 7.0" or all events for "2013", scroll both buttons to be on top of each other.
Once you select the criteria, just click on "Search Button", the table, map and chart will be updated based on your search.

Search from Map

It will return the events based on location inside a rectangule in the map.

Its a 3 stage button.

Click a first time
It will load a rectangle to the Map, adjust the rectangle to the region you wish to find earthquakes.
Once you adjusted the rectangle.
Click a second time
It will load to the map/table/chart all the events from the rectangle are chosen.
To do a new search..
Click a third time
It brings back to the 1.

Your Station

Here you can/edit Your Station.

Station ID - Optional. If applied.
Location * City, Region, - Its required to put a location.
Country -Its required to choose a country of the location of the station.
Sensor Type - Optional. Lehman, geophone, etc.
Seismic Network -If applied.
Legend Helicorder 1 -This field is placed above the helicorder image, its a free text field. Example: filters applied in the helicorder.
Helicorder Image 1 * Complete Link with "http://" - Direct link to the helicorder image. example
Legend Helicorder 2 - If applied, same has Legend Helicorder 1.
Helicorder Image 2 Complete Link with "http://" If applied, same has Helicorder Image 1.
Legend Helicorder 3 - If applied.
Helicorder Image 3 Complete Link with "http://" - If applied.
Legend Helicorder 4 - If applied.
Helicorder Image 4 Complete Link with "http://" - If applied.
Other Info - If applied.
Source Link Complete Link with "http://" - If you have your own site, personal page, etc put here the link of your page. No Link Ads.
Source Link Legend - Legend for the link. Example: My own page.
Coordinates LAT LNG* Decimal Coordinates -Required, decimal coordinates of the location of the station. To help find your coordinates, write in LAT "10", LNG "10", click on Preview Button, it will add a green marker to the map, click and drag the marker to the location of your station, the latitude and longitude values will update automatically when you unclick the marker.
Include in WPSMap Include your station in WPSMap main site - This will include automatically your station to main site. To remove it automatically just uncheck the checkbox.

Preview Button

Change the above fields, click on Preview Button and your station will be updated temporarily.

Save Button
Save Your station in WPSMap database.

Once you filled the fields, click on Preview button and click on the green marker (your station) in the Map, it will open your helicorder page, according to the information you filled previous.


This feature is not yet available.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the use of WPSMap member area free?
Yes. But WPSMap greatly appreciate donations. It helps on supporting costs and developing.

How many events can i upload?
At the moment there are no resctrictions on the number of events.

Why the limit of 2mb per file?
2mb file is enough to catch P, S, LQ and LR waves in one file. This also prevents from uploading unnecessary data. But you can request to allow a bigger files.

Is my data secured?
Yes. Your data (Database and files) are secured. But WPSMap wont be responsible any kind of data loss.

WPSMap do backups?
Yes. Scheduled backups are made in the server.

Can i use the member area without adding a station to WSPMap?

I want to use the new feature in the Member Area to control my own station helicorder page in WPSMap, but in WPSMap main site shows already my station?
You will have to contact WPSMap to remove your station from WPSMap, just inform the name of the station. Then your station will be removed from old databse and you can add it to the new database using Your-Station page in Member Area.

Can i download all my uploaded files?
Yes. Use your own table and click on download, or request in the "Contact WPSMap". A zip file will be sent to your email.

Can i request new features?
Yes. Just contact WPSMap

I found a bug, what can i do?
Contact WPSMap using WPSMap page.

How can i do...?
Contact WPSMap using WPSMap page.