Add Station to WPSMap

In order to add your station to WPSMap, just send a message in the contact form below, containing the following information:

*Location: City or region.

*Coordinates: In decimal format (Lat: 38.713889, Lon: 9.139444). You can use function to get your coordinates. just go to click on "Options" on the right side, click on "Add Marker" button, place the marker in the desired location, the coordinates of that location will be shown in the Right Side Menu. For security reasons dont send coordinates of the exact system location (Tip: A few hundred meters away from the actual system location).

*Plot images: Full url of the helicorder images.

WebPage: Link to personal WebPage.

Sensor: Type of seismometer, vertical/horizontal, period, etc.

Other Information: Photos of the system, A/D Board, or any other useful information.

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